Fixed Assets staffs from the University of Goroka attended a week-long Training on the Fixed Assets Management conducted by the Training Division of Kumulsoft Limited here in Port Moresby on 26th – 30th, 2022.

The training of Fixed Assets Management systems has been an ongoing priority of Kumulsoft Limited as the developer and provider of the Fixed Asset Management Software [FAMS]. FAMS was developed to address the need facing organizations to effectively and efficiently manage their fixed assets such as; land, building, vehicle, furniture & fixtures, and plants & equipment, etc.

The University of Goroka have signed up and is currently a subscriber to the Kumulsoft Fixed Asset Management Software. As part of its process of institutionalizing the software, it has sent 2 of its staff members to attend the training namely; Thomas Amos [Fixed Assets Officer] and Jim Mek, [Bursar]. These 2 Trainees have both received Certificates of Attainment.


The objectives of the training were about the importance of Fixed Assets Management, the fixed assets management lifecycle, and the understanding of the basic functional features of FAMS such as; assets allocation, movement, control, asset audit, depreciation, disposal, labeling, maintenance, and reporting. 

CEO, Paul Muingnepe says; Kumulsoft as the only local provider of the Fixed Assets Management Software in the country, we will now prioritize and focus on developing and creating greater knowledge base for fixed assets management systems in the country with more trainings and addition of new training staffs. This is because apart from other resources an organization can have, fixed assets are very expensive to purchase, managed, and maintain and which usually runs into millions of kinas.

 This is the value and vision we would like to foster among our clients, customers and our community at large. We would like to give something back to the community by educating our people about the importance of managing fixed assets and how this can help them and their organization to effectively and efficiently managing their fixed assets and successfully achieve their goals and objectives.


For more information, contact:

Mr. Paul Muingnepe
Facilitator and CEO
Mobile: +675 78352238


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