Fixed Assets and IT staffs from the Department of Treasury attended a week-long Training on the Fixed Assets Management Software or FAMS conducted by the Training Division of Kumulsoft Limited here in Port Moresby on 31th   Oct – 05th Nov, 2022.

The training of Fixed Assets Management systems has been an ongoing priority of Kumulsoft Limited as the developer and provider of the Fixed Asset Management Software [FAMS]. The objectives of the training were about the importance of Fixed Assets Management, the fixed assets management lifecycle, and the understanding of the basic functional features of FAMS such as; assets allocation, movement, control, asset audit, depreciation, disposal, labeling, maintenance, and reporting. 

The Department of Treasury have signed up and is currently a subscriber to the Kumulsoft Fixed Asset Management Software. This training is the third [3] Fixed Assets Management Training attended by the staffs from the Department of Treasury. The trainees who receive Certificates of Attainment are; Jori Kesi [Housing & Facilities Officer], Melinda Eremas [Senior ICT Officer], and Sibona Sinahu [Transport Officer].


Spokesperson for the Trainees Jori Kesi stated that one of the great challenges they face is about reporting of fixed assets. So, with this training on the reporting and other features of the system they can be able to improve and report on their fixed assets and manage them effectively and efficiently.

CEO, Paul Muingnepe says; several government departments are currently using Kumulsoft’s Fixed Assets Management Software and we understand the importance of reporting in government departments and agencies, particularly, the requirements of the Auditor General’s Report. So, with this software and the trainings, we would like to work together with the government departments and agencies to improve the process of reporting and management of fixed assets as requirements of their audit reports.



For more information, contact:

Mr. Paul Muingnepe
Facilitator and CEO
Mobile: +675 78352238