Fixed Asset Management Training

Fixed asset management is a challenging area. Fixed asset officers, fleet officer and property managers and officers are continuously challenges in keep accurate records of assets, fleets and properties and report to management. This is a continuous problem with the Government sector in Papua New Guinea.

Target Groups

Fixed Asset Officers

Fleet Managers & Officers

Property Managers & Officers

IT Officers


In accordance with Organizational Standards

Training Objectives

To provide participants with skills and knowledge on Kumulsoft Fixed Assets Pro Software.

  • Help participants to understand the importance of Fixed Assets and its management in their organization, fully understand the Fixed Assets Management Life cycle concept,
  • Introduce them to the Fixed Assets Pro fixed assets management software and,
  • Hands-on training on the software and fully understanding the system.
  • After the training, participants will continue to use the system.
Learning Outcome

During the training, participants will use computers to log into the software and set up the System Administration module, setting up will update records on all the three main modules of the system and perform the asset administration functions such as asset allocation, asset movement control, asset audit, depreciation, asset disposal, labels generation, asset maintenance and asset reports and more.

Assessment & Certificates

No assessments will be done; however, participants will be observed during the training on their level of competency and understanding the software and assist them to understand the software.

After the training, participants will be issued Certificate of Attainment by Kumulsoft

Methods of Presentation
  • Projector
  • Laptop (Required)
  • Training Manuals

Materials & Resources

  •  Digital training manual

Training Timetable



Day 1

●      Introduction of Participants

●      Assessing skill levels of participants

●      Introducing the software and Introduction to System Administration

Day 2

●      Hands on System Administration module

●      Setup Asset Categories

●      Setup User Defined Codes

●      Setup System Defaults

Day 3

●      Hands on General Fixed Assets Management module

●      Going thru General Fixed Assets Administration processes

●      Accounting System Integrations

●      Reports

Day 4

●       Fleet Management Module

●       Fleet Setup

●       Vehicle Management

●       Vehicle Service

●       Fuel Management

●       Compliance

●       Reports

Day 5

●       Properties System Setup

●       Hands on Property Management System module

●       Property Registers and Accommodation Management

●       Rates and Rentals

●       Properties Maintenance and Development

●       Reports